Starting Maui 

My first day here has been nothing but blissful. I hardly slept, to no one’s surprise. I felt like a kid on Christmas, waking up every hour to see if santa brought presents, only I was waking up every hour to see if the sun was coming up over the pacific ocean. When 4:30am hit I finally decided to give up on any attempts of getting rest and I got ready, made some coffee and went down to the beach.

The hotel I’m staying at is the Grand Wailea (where Jennifer Aniston was and Just go With it was filmed😄📽). 

It is breathtaking and enormous, so enormous that we actually got lost (multiple times) but I didn’t mind because with every corner you turned there were so many things to see, from beautiful palm trees towering over you to interestingly shaped pools with sparkling blue water. It’s also conveniently right by the beach, so walking there took about 1 or 2 minutes and pictures still do not do justice to the beauty of this island. 

I planned an activity for each day, to experience the culture and the island and to have time to wing it, walk around, and go to the beach whenever I felt I wanted some ocean. We spent the first part of our day in a raft at the Kanaio Coast, where we were taken on a 4 hour cruise to see the caves of Maui and to snorkel in Molokini and along the coast. We were provided food and snacks, and even though I totally wiped out and cut up my legs before even getting into the boat (like I said, I’m such a kid) exploring the caves of Maui and snorkeling with sharks, sea turtles and other fish in the sea was such a cool experience🐢🐳🦈🐠 the water is so clear and the colors are stunning; with a deep, rich blue in some parts and a bright, aquamarine green in others. 

Captain Larry, our driver, took us around to see the various caves and rock formations that were created over hundreds of years. He explained the history of Hawaii and all 9 islands which was fascinating. It’s hard to believe this island was made out of 2 volcanos that merged together. I still can’t stop admiring the beauty that makes this place what it is.

After rafting and snorkeling the sun was beating down intensely, so we made a trip to the market and bought a couple gifts and souvenirs, and macadamia nut coffee. It was so delicious. They grow their own coffee here in Hawaii and as a coffee lover, that made me fall in love with this place even more.

The day closed off with hitting the pools and then the beach and catching some waves🤙 ..kidding, it was more like getting toppled by them but I still had the best time! The GoPro was probably one of my best investments for this trip too, even though I swore I would never own a selfie stick. I also swore I would never say pineapple pizza but if I was ever going to try it, this trip seemed like the perfect time and I’m so happy I did because it was SO GOOD.🍍

The sunset was the perfect finish to our first day in Maui. I was completely speechless, and I swear I didn’t Google these pictures!

I’m so excited to continue this beautiful journey of mine and see everything else that Maui has to offer😄🏝🌺🐠💞🙏

8 thoughts on “Starting Maui 

  1. Thank you for recently visiting my blog. It looks like you were having a great time in Maui. Was that your first visit to Hawaii? It was our first when we visited Kauai in April.


    1. thank you!I’m very happy you like them😊 and you should definitely visit, I’ve traveled a lot but Hawaii was extra special and I loved it. it’s a trip you’ll remember forever!

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