Hawaii Continues – Maui Day 2

Our second day in Maui started out with a cup of coffee on the terrace, looking over the garden, the pools, past the palm trees and into the rich blue ocean. This was followed by yoga on the beach at 7 in the morning, listening to the roaring waves crash and create foaming crescents on the golden sand, while the sun warned our backs. It was the perfect, relaxing start to the day.

We had a quick breakfast at the hotel and I didn’t waste any time because I was so excited to go ziplining today! I chose the tropical plantation because I wanted to see all if the pretty fruit, flowers, and palm trees of course, and it was an extra bonus that this zipline included an informative part along the way, telling us about all of the different fruits and plants grown on the plantation. I love learning about Hawaii, not only is it so incredibly beautiful but it has such a fascinating history and culture. I learned so much that I didn’t know before, like that it takes 2 years to grow pineapples and that there was even a fruit called jackfruit which is really high in protein apparently. That ones for all my lifting friends who probably aren’t reading this.

Zip lining was so much fun, and since it was at a plantation I wanted to check out nearby places that had fresh fruit and coconuts because it seemed like the perfect place for it. There was a little shop in the front called kumu farms that ended up selling fresh fruit which came straight from the plantation, and coconut water out of real coconuts! Finally! The dragonfruit was so delicious.

After the plantation we hit the shops, then drove vack to the Grand and went to the pools and the beach before heading out to dinner.

Dinner was at Ferraro’s, a beautiful scenic restaurant just up the street from the Grand Wailea at the Four Seasons and it was gorgeous. We had outside seating with a view of the sunset and the food was delicious, I had the snapper and the chocolate tarte and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Maui! 

Hawaii is so serene, the energy here is so happy and positive and calm, and I’ve never met people more friendly and inviting. Everywhere you go you’re greeted with an Aloha and left with a Mahalo. It’s so humbling to be here. I’ve been traveling my whole life, and this isn’t my first time in Hawaii but every time I visit a new or different destination, even if I’m revisiting, I always learn something new and I continue to grow and have a larger appreciation for life. And that’s what this whole adventure is about anyway. 

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