Merhaba Istanbul & Back to Bosna

I wanted to document my entire trip to Turkey in a single post, but the last few months have been accompanied by a little extra (but very sweet) chaos - which includes moving to a new house, getting engaged, career tides rising and falling, and the excitement of new beginnings. But, I figured, today would … Continue reading Merhaba Istanbul & Back to Bosna


My favorite time of the year

I just want to boost about my love for this season, this holiday, and my family gathering together every year to enjoy each others company, eat lots of candy and watch scary movies. I live for the beautiful breeze and falling leaves of October, and this year it's even more special because I get to … Continue reading My favorite time of the year

Life in an Islamic Country – Istanbul, Turkey

If it wasn't clear from my posts, my surname or the name of my blog.. I'm Bosnian. Bosna is a largely islamic country that I've had the pleasure of living in and calling myself a part of despite the tragedies that occurred during Srebrenica. And while it's getting more attention and attracting people from around … Continue reading Life in an Islamic Country – Istanbul, Turkey

I made it to London!

I can't believe it took me 24 years to finally experience London when this place has been on my list since I was a little girl. I went on a little-turned-big trip to meet my Australian and Bosnian family in Turkey but I figured I'd stop in London (and Italy after) for a couple days … Continue reading I made it to London!

A Weekend in Washington 

Exactly 1 year ago (in March 2017) I went to LA for a women's conference which was inspiring and empowering; seeing tons of women going into medicine, law and business and demanding equal pay/respect/status is moving. And, while I'm passionate about women's rights, minorities rights and related issues all across the globe, my number one … Continue reading A Weekend in Washington 

Beaches, Camels and My First Visit to a Mosque – Sydney AUS, Part 4

After taking some much needed time off to catch up with classes, work, and loved ones after the loss of a dear friend, I'm ready to get back into regular bloggies about my ever exciting life of travel, competing, and the wonderful stress of becoming a doctor. One of my goals this year is to … Continue reading Beaches, Camels and My First Visit to a Mosque – Sydney AUS, Part 4

Day-by-Day Our Wolverine 

I consider myself extremely lucky to have gone through life for 24 years before I had to experience the very difficult pain of losing a loved one. Attending the funeral of one of my friends who passed away in a car accident has been one of the hardest, most emotional things I have ever had … Continue reading Day-by-Day Our Wolverine