A Weekend in Washington 

Exactly 1 year ago (in March 2017) I went to LA for a women’s conference which was inspiring and empowering; seeing tons of women going into medicine, law and business and demanding equal pay/respect/status is moving. And, while I’m passionate about women’s rights, minorities rights and related issues all across the globe, my number one focus is and always has been medicine, and at this time last year I was still so lost with work and med school, if and where I would go to school, where I would live and where I would work during my time off. Today, just a short year later I’m getting my master’s, pursuing other accredited degrees, working at a highly respected academic hospital, getting ready to volunteer abroad and getting closer to becoming the type of physician I want to be.

I never used to think about the concept of time when it came to my life because I didn’t really care. It doesn’t matter when I reach my goals, partly because I’m always adding to this list, but also because as long as I’m really trying my hardest to get there, that’s all I can do and the rest will eventually happen for me. The only thing I might worry about is having enough time to do everything I want, and I have a problem of wanting to do everything at once, so it might be time to slow down and reorganize some things.

It was a pretty bizarre coincidence that I happened to be at a conference at the exact same time I attended one last year, only this time in D.C and for AMSA. Washington is beautiful, and I was able to catch up with good company that I hadn’t seen since college, which still feels odd to say.

I fell in love with the architecture of this city, from historical monuments to rustic, intricate buildings. I spent hours walking around and I even made a new foreign friend from Sweden. He walked around with me for hours and after getting coffee and drinks, we’re still in touch. He was incredibly kind; people like him bring back my faith in humanity.

I booked a room in the Sofitel during my stay – a beautiful, luxury hotel within walking distance of the white house.

Breakfast was bomb and the room service was even better. I can’t believe I waited this long to have a French raisin brioche, I nearly died.

The conference was great, the coffee was amazing and I had a ton of fun getting together with friends. I will definitely be going back soon.

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