I made it to London!

I can’t believe it took me 24 years to finally experience London when this place has been on my list since I was a little girl. I went on a little-turned-big trip to meet my Australian and Bosnian family in Turkey but I figured I’d stop in London (and Italy after) for a couple days to explore this famous city.

I am, forever a tourist❤

As a Euro born individual (I was born in Germany and my entire family is from Bosna) being in Europe during the World Cup was the most excitingly chaotic, nostalgic, adrenaline inducing experience. I forgot how hard Europeans celebrate a win in fútbal😄🏆⚽️.

Coming here specifically at this time was the best coincidence ever. I only had two days to explore London itself, but since everything is so close I was really able to make the most of it. We stayed at the Moxy Hotel and took a red bus into the city because you can’t visit London without sitting in the big red bus.

And the first stop was, of course, the Royal Palace; just in time for change of guards.

I didn’t see the prince but these guys made up for it.

Next I went to see Big Ben but it was under construction! I wasn’t really that upset because all it did was give me another reason to come back, even sooner. After a quick cry we walked past the London Eye, and skipped it because I always prefer to walk around when I’m exploring a new city, and headed for the bridge. The best part about walking is you can stop whenever you want for food and coffee, and since I can’t go 30 minutes without either that’s exactly what we did. We went to The Anchor, a famous pub to eat fish and chips, drink prosecco, and watch my people in Croatia play their hearts out❤.

The best fish and chips I ever tasted, and I’ve tasted a ton from all over. After a quick break we made our way to the London Tower Bridge and saw some super interesting things on the way.

London is deep.

This was too precious not to photograph. I’m happy to see locals in London keeping history alive and writing poetry on typewriters. Maybe one day (definitely) I’ll get into a post about my thoughts on writing and technology and medical advances and their affect on healthcare and the world because that’s something I’m passionate about.

The London Tower Bridge was beautiful. I find that often when I see famous landmarks or cities that get hyped up, my vision of them is so extravagant that seeing the real thing is almost disappointing, but London was more than what I pictured it to be. This city is so rich in history and culture, and the people complete the busy, welcoming atmosphere. The bridge was by far the prettiest thing I had seen.

I am always graceful.

A few photos and a lot of coffee later we went to the British Museum and The National Gallery.

After this we went to one of the COOLEST bars I’ve ever been in.

The Sherlock Holmes Lounge Bar. 😍🕵️‍♂️ it was packed because the next game was almost over but it really was a unique experience. I am most definitely coming back to this place the next time I visit. I might even move here😉 I always fall in love with new places when I travel.

We ate and dr,ank some more, watched a bit of the game and France beating Peru ended my adventures in the UK, for now.

We are off to Turkey!!!!😄🇹🇷

5 thoughts on “I made it to London!

    1. thank you so much for the recommendation!! I’m already planning my trip back😄 I read your last post, congratulations on the weight loss! I love your positive attitude

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  1. Next time you could try to see the Albert Hall, and the Royal College of Music and all around that area Kensington Palace, Hyde
    Park, or Greenwich for somewhere c9mpletely different, one of my favourite places is Covent Garden where the Royal Opera House is and Seven Dials. Hope you get chance to come back 🙋🏼

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