The Coast of Capri, Italy

With windy days of wearing goose down jackets coming to an end and preparing for summer adventures, I’ve been reflecting on the travels I’ve been on in this last full year, and all the wonderful changes and challenges that have come along the way. Night shift was no joke, and getting my Master’s on top of it was just short of a nightmare, but I made it work. I moved around, changed jobs and found a place of mental and physical stability. At 25, I know exactly what I want and the clarity has been relieving. It hasn’t been easy and progressing in my career and education is something I’ll never stop doing. I still have years of education left before achieving and finishing my doctorate, but to be in a place where I can truly enjoy my life and have fun while pursuing the career I want is.. the best feeling.Despite my packed schedule for classes and work, I’m happy I still made plenty of time to travel and I continue to do so, across the US and also overseas to a number of countries and continents. While I always love going back to the beautiful land of Australia to see my wonderful family, having the chance to meet up with them in other parts of the world is even better. So, partly to adventure and to avoid another 23 hour flight.. we decided Italy was a good meeting point, and I think I got a little taste of heaven while I was there.I spent about 3 weeks country hopping during my most recent visit to Europe, everywhere from the UK to Turkey, and one of the most breathtaking and beautiful trips I’ve ever taken was hitting the Island of Capri. We decided to visit the island for a full day before taking a tour of all the famous Italian cities. So, after landing in Napoli (our first stop in Italy), we made our way to Capri. This was, by far, the most colorful and quaint, saltwater surrounded island I’ve ever been on.We took a large Ferry from Napoli to the island and the view heading in made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to explore the colorful buildings, climb the hills to sight-see, and of course, eat all the food. I also have a slight obsession with living on a boat and it was so cool to see all the different vessels and ships around the island.When we arrived to Capri, the first thing we did was take a boat around the island. This was the best part of the trip; we got to see the beauty of the island and swim in the brightest, aqua-blue waters I have ever seen. Our driver took us through rock formed tunnels and into caves that reflected the blue-green glow of the waters. And of course, we got plenty of sun and snacks.I always get excited visiting places that look like they could have been the setting for Jurassic Park.After the boat ride came one if the greatest parts of travel : FOOD.Sometimes traveling as a pescatarian can be difficult, but places like this that serve fresh seafood every single day make it so much easier for me. The food was spectacular; anything from pasta to halibut, to salads and scallops, I devoured it. And the cheese.. I’ve never tasted food so fresh and pure anywhere else in the world. I could probably write 11 books on the food in Italy alone, but I’ll spare you.Never without a coffee and a beautiful view to enjoy it with.I used this time to be totally present and explore foreign land and the company of my family. I disconnected from my phone as well as my expectations as a competitor, although I was still mindful of my choices and utilized hotel gyms and workout bands that a friend generally lent me. I’ve considered discussing topics related to travel and fitness, dieting while traveling and especially competing while travel because that stuff is tough. So, let me know if that’s something you want to see!After indulging in what I strongly believe may be the world freshest seafood, we took a walk through the winding stairs and trails on the island, exploring the shops, cafes, and the brightly colored flowers. This place is a piece of artwork of it’s own.The view at the top of the island where the restaurants and shops are located is a dream. My favorite view in the world is when I can see the endless stretch of the ocean blend seamlessly into the blue skies. The ocean always makes me feel so peaceful.After I snagged myself an Italy-shaped pandora charm to add to the rest of my travel charms, I downed about 4 more cups of coffee and we headed back to continue our trip around the rest of Italia. Even though I just left I can’t help but to already start planning my next trip back to this wonderland of an island.Until next time, with love,

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