Happy New Year, Cheers, and on to the Next One

What a whirlwind this year has been. While I could write a novel about all of the things I’ve learned and done this year, I’ll stick to a blog post of the most pivotal points, and focus on looking forward to new adventures.

This was by far my most exciting year. I started the year off skydiving in Australia. It was the most adrenaline inducing, thrilling, spontaneous thing I’ve ever done.

I traveled Europe with my family from all over the world.

I visited the Coast of Capri in Italia.

I tasted the finest food I’ve ever had in my life while road tripping to every city in Italy.

I did the most touristy thing in the world, in London, twice. 😉

My best friend had her firstborn baby and my other bff got engaged. 😍

I visited one of the most beautiful mosques I’ve ever seen, in Istanbul.

I started my Master’s program through the PSU college of medicine, and there are so many other happy and exciting things to celebrate!

One of the things that struck me most about this year was how structured yet spontaneous I went into everything. I knew I’d take time off after completing my bachelors degree, then realized I loved school too much to stop – so I applied for graduate school and got accepted. I worked nightshift for what I thought would be a few years, then ended up quitting my job and pursuing another overseas. Then, plans changed again when I moved in with my best friend turned fiance and I’m beginning a new adventure in a whole new city.

I traveled to new countries, countless cities, and read through dozens of books on plane rides to new places. I sipped coffee in some of the cutest, quaint little coffee shops and wrote my heart out on pen and paper (which will never be outdated for me). For the first time in what feels like a pressured forever, I took a bit of time off of competing, dieting and the pressures of medicine and had some of the greatest moments spending time with friends and family, holding my best friends firstborn, and simply being present.

In a way, 2018 seemed like a long one because I accomplished so much, and at the same I look back and wonder where the time went. A few years ago I saw the words “fear nothing” in Pittsburgh – I don’t even remember where, but I thought it was such a short, direct phrase that I told myself that’s how I wanted to approach my life and my decisions. I stand by that this year as well, along with so many other things. I want to get closer to finishing my master’s, work on the house with my fiance, get certified and begin coaching bikini competitors, spend more quality time being present with friends and family, focus on the habits I’m adopting on a daily basis; I want to write more, travel more, read more, cook more, learn more, volunteer more and so many other things. But, my biggest resolution this year is to just trust myself – to trust my gut and my intuition when it comes to making decisions for myself, and nothing else.

So, I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years and that this next year is filled with health, love, and plenty of smiles!🥂

All the love,


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