Starting Sydney!

I have literally been planning and anticipating this trip to Australia all year, and even after getting work situated, packing, and traveling for 2 days, it’s still so surreal that I’m here. I’m spending Christmas and New Years in AUS, how exciting is that😄

Aside from being unprepared for the sweltering heat, sweating so much that my eyes teared up and I couldn’t see, and  consistently going to the wrong side of the car because the steering wheel is on the right side here, my first few days in Sydney have been incredible. I met this side of my Bosnian family for the first at the airport after a long 23 hours of flying. We spent most of our time in their 3 homes, catching up on lost time. After the war in Bosnia my parents went to the US and my mom’s side of the family ended up in Australia. My parents arrived this Sunday, and they haven’t seen each other for 28 years so I’m excited for this reunion. 

Surprisingly, I wasn’t jet lagged but I still spent most of my first day here resting and spending time with the fam💙💛. 
BUT THE NEXT DAY, I was ready for some fun, AUSSIE STYLE. And by that I mean tourist style. The first thing I wanted to see was the harbor bridge and the opera house, so we went to the Circular Quay. The harbor bridge is unique, unlike any bridge in America. The sand colored stone pillars on the side look like something taken out of Egypt, but somehow it just works so perfectly with the contrast of the thick, black bridge, towering over the water. 

This gigantic cruise ship holds about 1,000 passengers and it was on its way to Europe. We actually saw it pull out and leave which was really cool.

I love these people so much.

After that, came the opera house, and man I was in love. Lamija said the architect who thought of the design came up with it because he was inspired by orange slices, which makes sense when you look at the building. 

Since us Bosnians can’t go 5 minutes without coffee, we stopped at GuyLian Café for caffeine and cake, then went to see the botanical garden. 

The garden was a super short walk from the opera house, and I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

I just got here and it feels like I’ve been in Australia for years. My heart has been so full in this beautiful place. It’s hard to believe that I’m more than 10,000 miles away from the states, Aussies are so friendly. I’m already planning my next trip back!😋

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