A Luau in Maui

Today was a special day, just like any other day here is. We spent our morning walking along the shore searching for seashells (we didn’t find any, the beach is so pure here, but it was a beautiful walk!). After, we had breakfast at the hotel and we questioned why we didn’t go earlier. The food was so delicious, and we had a view of the palm trees and the ocean while we ate. I think palm trees are my favorite thing to look at here.🌴💞🌺

Once we stuffed ourselves with all the yummy breakfast foods, we used the entire day to go swimming and play in the pools before heading to the Luau, it was so much fun, and the sun got us both just a little bit but it was worth it.

After a lot of time in the water we walked to the Luau, which was only about 10 minutes away. I picked the Te Au Moana Luau in Wailea and it was so exciting, they provided dinner and dessert and the show consisted of various Hawaiian dances. They talked a lot about the history and culture and it was pretty interactive with the audience so we had a lot of fun with it😊. The end where they used fire was probably my favorite part, but I also love their clothes, I wish I could wear Hawaiian clothing every day.

This tattoo came out so cute I almost wish it was real😋

We were pretty beat after Luau, so we called it a night with this sunset🌅

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