Hiking in Hawaii – Maui Part 4

Today, we hiked! This is one I was super excited for, because hiking and climbing trails is fun and I knew this one would be scenic from what others said, and also just because it’s Maui. I wanted to go cliff diving too, which has been on my bucket list for a really long time (and I did!😄). I chose the Twin Falls hike, which was a 5 hour hike with stops at 4 waterfalls. There were only 7 people on the hike so it wasn’t crowded at all, and our guide Roger was pretty cool, he told us about all of the trees ans flowers and he let us try some of the fruit, the passion fruit was yummy.

Beach yoga first, of course🙏, and then the hike. We drove through a half hour of the Hana Highway before getting there which was beautiful, and the trail started with giant bamboo trees. 

We put red war paint on, which was actually red clay that formed from volcanic rock. The trail was beautiful and it got pretty steep and narrow in some places but it wasn’t too hard. The flowers were so so colorful and stunning and breathtaking, they were everywhere but I tried to get the names of as many as I could.

Torch Ginger 

Parrots Beak

Spider Lilly

I can’t remember the name of this last one, but Roger had us break off the yellow part and eat it and it was so good! It tasted like a sweeter granny smith apple.

Pink and Red Hibiscus

The waterfalls were where the real action started😉. I didn’t jump off of the first one because it wasn’t too deep but when we got to the second, Ropeswing Falls, it was about 10 feet deep so I went for it. Now I can finally cross it off my bucket list! And it’s extra special because it’s in Hawaii.

After the hike, we took a tiny nap and then grabbed a bite at the hotel cafe. The macadamia nut bread is so good here.

Then we went down to watch the sunset again. This view will never get old. I love the way the sun glows like gold above the horizon, and hearing the sound of the waves crashing on the shore just beckoning you to come in. 

It really is the most beautiful, calming thing I’ve ever seen. We ended up doing a late night hot tub and pool swim before calling it a night.


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