a little motivation from within

You know the saying, “what you give power to has power over you”?I believe that. Everything you think, every thought, feeling, and emotion you have becomes a part of you; your actions define who you are. Jealousy and envy give power to those who do not posses it. Ironically, I realized this walking home from the gym at 10:30 at night, where a girl spent her whole time glaring at me during my workout. At first it was bothersome and petty, but then I realized that giving her any sort of attention is a waste of my time, and her stares became my motivation to work harder and push myself even more. I don’t care if others dislike, envy or imitate me, I am more than content with myself and knowing that not everyone will like me. Seeking the approval of others is never something you should allow. I’ve always been an optimist, even in the worst of situations, and I think the mind is such a powerful tool that people fail to utilize, I mean I’m still working on it. I do believe our habits make us who we are, but so do our thoughts; they can completely shift where we’re headed, how we handle situations, and even how we look. And no matter what I do, I always remember in the back of my head that my ultimate goal is to just be happy; happy with myself, my goals, my work ethic, my health, my grades, my relationships, my state of mine, and my attitude (which is never far from sassy but I’m working on that too). If I’m not happy in my situation, I change it, and I will never allow myself to be in a place where I’m not growing or moving forward in life.

My lovely friend Socrates sums up my feelings in 5 simple words here.**
                                                        cogito ergo sum

What do I want to give power to in my life?the positive things, the things that make me happy, and that doesn’t include my phone or any kind of negativity.I want to disconnect from social media and technology and spend time with my parents and my brother and my friends, I want to be around my grandmother more, I want to give power to the things that make me grow like my writing, my health and my studies. I want to read books and travel the world, I want to meet new people and open doors for myself and spend my time working and helping others.

Next time you start to think anything negative, suppress it, forget it. Focus on the positives and the happiness and that’s what you’ll be. So the moral of the story is, always go to the gym, be a badass, ignore the opinions of others unless they be positive and let your confidence shine.

*This also made me want to write about female empowerment, especially now that I’m reading girlboss, but I’ll save that for another day. 
**I just wanted inform my readers that despite the picture, Sherlock Holmes was not the first person who said these words.. but I love him.

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